Impact stories

Impact stories

Nelliah Paulser

I attended the AWE training when my business was not formally registered. I registered my business during the AWE program and took everything I learnt in the program and applied it to my business during the time of the program and even afterwards. This year my business was acknowledged for its growth by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development. We were also given an award as MSME of the Year 2022 by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce. I’m so grateful for the AWE program.

Varaidzo Chipo Mapanda

The impact i got was knowledge in terms of how to manage my own finances. I got to learn how to know what goes on with each transaction that i would do and what methods i could use to keep track. It empowered me with a bit of the art of public speaking and making connections amongst my colleagues during our program.

Barbara Chirima

In 2021, l had the opportunity to take part in the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), a women’s entrepreneurship program for 10 weeks. Starting my business had a lot of challenges, I had no financial or managerial background and running my business was extremely difficult. I quickly realized that there is much more to business than passion after I started the AWE program. With AWE I learned how to market my business; how to grow, and how to reach out to customers and suppliers. It was a truly invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.   Using the skills l learned in the program, we scaled up our business and added new product lines. In addition to Events management, we now make scented candles and diffusers.

Mandipa Mashingaidze

AWE taught me how to take my million ideas and turn them into one great and well structured business. The insight and training I received also changed my mindset allowing me to create a product that has longevity, social impact and suits markets across the world. As an artist it is easy to get lost in “dreaming” and never really turn that dream into anything. Through AWE I am now living the dream and seeing it turn into a reality.

Juliet Matare

AWE program made me an empowered dream builder entrepreneur and a consultant of choice who runs a professionally growing tax & customs consultancy company, FRANTANA, with satisfactory service deliverance to an appropriate clientele. All this I am achieving through proper planning, pricing, marketing researching, budgeting and ensuring my business remains profitable through continuous use of the dream builder tools.

Tawanda Manyuchi

I started the business with zero experience and when this training opportunity came along, COVID had just hit us hard so it was a very difficult time indeed. Since we had time in our hands it was also an awesome opportunity to spend time learning and building on my much needed skills and this is the perfect part that AWE played. The training helped boost my confidence as an individual and as an Entrepreneur. The network itself is amazing. I certainly would not have been exposed to so many interesting people whom I can approach for guidance etc.

Emelda Gwitimah

AWE allowed me to see the scalable potential of the business. The model of the business and scope of offerings has subsequently expanded, from merely being a creative services provider, to being an education incubator that feeds into itself with human and other resources. Insights from the course provided critical information on how to position the business with its unique strengths, how to run the finances and how to approach funders.

Princess Siziba

My entrepreneurship journey started on a vision board in the year 2019. At the time my reality looked nothing like l had dreamed, but l had to keep my hope alive by creating a vision board out of pictures and words cut from old magazines and newspapers. And as destiny would have it, l was chosen to be a part of the AWE’s 2020 cohort. My greatest take away from being a part of AWE was creating a very strong value proposition for my vegan and all natural skincare brand. This led to my business winning the 2022 Zimbabwe Business Youth Expo as well as the best innovation award under the Zimtrade Eagle’s nest export incubator program. I also learnt that in business one needs to be aggressive and assertive. You need to be disruptive. Never assume anything, and always do your market research nomatter how great you think your product or service is. Above to build your faith because at some point in business you will need to walk by invisible sight. Be well ahead in knowledge about your field.Work on your soft skills because if it weren’t for your customers what you do would just be a hobby.

Lorraine Maphala

This has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my self and my business, it was a life changing experience. Learning how to write a business model canvas aswell as learning how to pitch amongst many other skills,have come in quite handy for my business. These are skills I possibly wouldn’t have acquired. When I started the program it was just but a dream to add hair care products to our offerings and that dream has come to pass and I have the AWE sisterhood to thank for that. Most importantly the pool of human capital I have been exposed to because of AWE is absolutely a blessing.

Sharon Ganyiwa

The AWE program was very informative and it helped me formalise my business. The way the program was designed helped me identify market opportunities and ways to allocate resources in a most effective way.

Geraldean Khanye

The program with AWE has had a significant impact on my baking business, it has opened up numerous opportunities and provided valuable resources, leading to the growth and success of my baking business.I have gained access to valuable mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals. The AWE program has ensured that experts in the field are available to offer advice on various aspects of running a successful baking business. This mentorship has not only provided me with the necessary knowledge but also helped my business navigate through challenges and make informed decisions. The program has organized workshops, training sessions, and skill-building programs to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the bakery workforce. This has not only improved the quality and consistency of my baked goods but also increased the efficiency of the production process. The association with AWE has automatically elevated my business’s reputation and opened doors to new opportunities. Customers now perceive the bakery as reliable and trustworthy, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Dumoluhle Dube

The AWE Program has profoundly transformed both my business and personal journey . We were first placed with like minded women entrepreneurs who till to date have created business and personal relationship in terms of collaboration partnerships and has opened doors for new businesses . It expanded my horizons of knowledge through the resources and skills it provided. When I entered the program I initially focused on women empowerment and did farming as a hobby .. with guidance I was able to find my true calling and passion of farming which enabled me to create a sustainable income stream while continuing my empowerment activities . The program still continues to provide ongoing support ,opposites and collaborations .

Ellen Chiyindiko

AWE program helped me to find my niche in content creation and position myself as a brand. Through training I changed my perspective on how TV programming should be done . This has since caught the eye of a large media station NRTV and I am in partnership to produce and present the Inspired show for DSTV Channel 288

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